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January 26, 2018

workout wear

Lately I have been finding myself buying workout clothes that are multi-purpose & that work for any activity..  spinning, running, walking Bruin, hiking, yoga

Ive been trying to spin four times a week at zengo cycle--  I'm week 4 for 4 right now! Its by far the best workout Ive ever done..& I promise you its a full body sweat. I never used to get these may workouts in during the week but these classes are so fun its hard not to want to go. Its like a dance party on a bike. So addicting!

My most loved brands are lululemon, athleta, nike, gap, zella, & adidas.
*nordstrom rack sells a TON of zella for a great deal

here are some of my favorite items from lululemon
pants: align & wunder under

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  1. Hey, what an amazing post about your new workout gear. Keep sharing such knowledgeable posts here. Anyways, I want to look trendy even during the work outs and that’s why I look for such stuff. I always purchase the apparels and shoes from the top brands such as Alo yoga, Nike and Lululemon.

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