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September 29, 2018

healthy hair

"How is your hair not damaged?" is a question I get a lot. Ive been bleaching my hair for a long time... actually since the 4th grade! Sounds insane but my moms is a hair dresser, so I grew up spending a lot of time watching her color & style customer after customer. I begged her to dye my hair so she gave me tiny natural high lights. Lets just say our little catholic school was not a fan of it! As the years went on I kept asking for heavier highlights. I always had access to good hair products thanks to my mom being a cosmetologist. So, I truly think using GOOD hair products has kept my hair thick & healthy. 

Ive been using this shampoo  & conditioner
As a nurse, I can’t go to sleep after a shift without washing my hair so I definitely wash my hair too often, at least 3-4 times a week. But I guess you can never get enough keratin though, am I right?

2.) OIL
After I wash the conditioner out I spray my wet hair with this miracle oil & brush it out very gently. Just a little spray & this oil leaves your hair feeling like SILK, no greasy feeling like others. It rebuilds dry and damaged hair from the inside out.

It sounds silly but be gentle when you brush your hair, especially when its wet! Thats when it is most fragile & easily can break off. Have you ever noticed pieces of your hair completely snapped in half? Or those broken baby hairs around your face. That can be from brushing too roughly.

4.) MASK
Twice a week I use this deep conditioner. Since my hair is processed, its important in keeping it from feeling dry.

Ive realized after switching to 'its a 10' that my hair was begging for keratin. Use code katie10 for 10% off your order :) #itsa10haircare

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