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March 21, 2020

tips for the quarantine life

1. Honor your body. Don't let quarenteening make you fall into a rabbit hole of being unhealthy. Just because we are stuck inside doesn't mean we have to sit around, eat all day & binge one tv show after the other.  I highly reccomend each morning to have your coffee/breakfast and then workout. Go for a run, take the dog for a long walk, do a free online exercise (solidcore has been uploading a bunch on instagram & youtube). Once you get your workout done you will not want to eat garbage all day!

2. Get organized. Start the spring cleaning. We organized a deep storage closet yesterday, many of you messaged me on Instagram saying it gave you anxiety LOL. But dang it felt good to throw away so much unnecessary stuff we were hanging on to. Vacuum & clean your vehicles! I dread cleaning my jeep but anything goes by faster when listening to a podcast. My favorite podcasts right now: Hungry Girl, The Porch, Straight up with Stassi, The Morning Toast & Rise Together. Go through all your clothes & make a donation pile... more room for new items hehe. I was on such an organizing binge that I even went through all the cabinets in my kitchen & my pantry.

3. Pick up a new hobby. You may laugh at this but... Ive always wanted to learn Italian maybe now is the time?! Take out that book that has been sitting in your top drawer for months that you never have time to read. If you usually order takeout, now is the time to learn to cook! Cooking with your significant other can be fun too. I love when Jojo helps me, mostly because he usually will cut up the onion for me HA. Am I the only one that has to wear sunglasses so my eyeballs don't completely burn to death?

4. Bring out the board games.  J & I love to binge tv shows together but we have realized its not the greatest quality time together. We both are just staring at the tv & not interacting. We have been doing puzzles & playing scrabble at night with of course a glass of wine... or two. Scrabble/ puzzles can last hours making the time pass quickly!

5. Make sure you have your alone time so you don't kill your significant other LOL. In the mornings I have been talking Bruin for a long walk by myself and listening to a podcast. As much as I am loving all this time with Jojo, personal time is definitely needed as well when in quarantine. If you are alone & starting to feel very isolated face time your friends & family as much as you need to!

6. My favorite: self care. Paint your nails & toes, give yourself a facial, let your skin breath without makeup. Start using your self tanning products so you feel glowy & ready for spring (my favorite: St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Gel). Use this time to give yourself the self care we all neglect with our busy lives.

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